Today in the morning I received the cd.
Thank you so so much. What a wonderful programme !
Now while writing to you I am listening to it for second time
to have it in my ears.
Very colourful programme, many schools of writing - from Chopin to Jarrett !, it should kept
the audience's attention for the whole duration of th recital.
I really like your performance in any of these - some are masterworks (Chopin's for example !)-
especially in The wind - I did not know this wonderful piece !
What can I say for your interpretation in Qusai Sonata - really great -
you expressed this expressionistic cosmos wonderfully with great use of rests
and dynamics !! Thank you so so much !! Bravoooooo !!
And you did have three bis - you see sometimes a not so big audience could be very warm !!


I will keep on listening to the cd ...


The works were being performed by you so nicely that you want to listen again and again.