février 2011 Archives

Yesterday your envelope arrived !!
I have listened it twice and today I am going to prepare the cd for you.
It was, as far I can hear, a very very nice recital !
Your interpretation of the premiere of the "Three Landascapes" is so marvellous !
Fantastic fluidity, sensitivity and deep reading and energy !!
Thank you so so much. I am so proud to have this premiere by a great musician like you !!

I will be listening to all the works again !!

The first Chopin work started very abruptly.

The audience was so warm, I can notice it by the applause ! :-)

If you wish you can present the Three Landscapes again in another recital,
I think it worths it, they are among my most favourite pages for piano,

Masae, thanks once again for everything, for your appreciation and interest,

Be always well and happy !


Your Debussy performance is wonderful !! I am listening to it now !!